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NLX nano Electric Micromotor Portable System

NLX nano has been designed to minimise weight and size to improve the balance of instrument and motor in the hand of the clinician, reducing fatigue during prolonged procedures.

Despite its small size and light weight, the NLX nano is as powerful as traditional micromotors and offers a wider range of speeds. Its 180° Vector Control assures smooth and stepless control over the entire speed range. Thanks to LED illumination, it now delivers 32,000 LUX, natural daylight quality light and assures clearer vision, reducing fatigue during operation.


• The smallest and lightest micromotor currently available

• Delivers powerful 3.4 Ncm torque

• Perfect balance with compact body

• 32,000 LUX of LED illumination provides daylight quality light and clearer vision

• Durable with solid titanium body and scratch resistant DURACOAT

• Fully autoclavable micromotor


– Speed: 2,000–40,000 min-1

– Torque to 3.4 Ncm

– LED illumination


– NLX nano control unit

– NLX nano motor and cord

– AC adaptor (230V)

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