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NSK iCare automatically cleans and lubricates a combination of up to 4 Turbine and Low Speed handpieces in less than 2 minutes. The NSK iCare has special rotation ports that ensure low-speed handpieces, which often incorporate complex gearing systems that require extra solution penetration, receive optimum oil delivery to the internal components.

Additionally, the chuck cleaning function keeps chucks pristine, removing all debris and cutting powder at a touch of a button. The full 1.2 litre maintenance oil solution tank is able to support up to 8,400 individual Turbine handpiece maintenance cycles and preset solution level indicators based on handpiece type ensure consistent operation of the NSK iCare maintenance system.

After lubrication, users can select from three modes offering different purge lengths, depending on the situation, to remove any excess oil present for truly comprehensive maintenance. Thanks to its stylish and compact body the NSK iCare is also space efficient.

The iCare is available in 2 configurations:


2 x Turbine Ports and 2 x Low-

Speed Ports


1 x Turbine Port and 3 x Low-Speed Ports

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