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The new NSK Perio-Mate is a dual purpose biofilm eraser and tooth polishing system, combining an hygienic detachable handpiece system with an efficient functional overall design to make tooth cleaning, polishing and biofilm elimination a more simple and convenient treatment.

The NSK Perio-Mate ultrafine water spray and glycine-based powder work in simultaneous combination for the gentle but thorough eradication of biofilm in periodontal pockets and periimplantitis – reported to be effective in just 20 seconds.

NSK Perio-Mate demonstrates a greater level of polishing power and ergo comfort design, putting it into a class of its own. NSK has incorporated innovative transparent materials into the new NSK Perio-Mate nozzle tip design to enhance application visibility and access, as well as utilising a single-use tip system for a far more hygienic approach to cleaning.

Additionally, the nozzle tip is slim and flexible enough to allow greater soft tissue access without causing patient discomfort.

The NSK Perio-Mate head allows for smooth 360-degree rotation for safe and accurate application, even under complex conditions and its intuitive powder control ring makes fine-tuning powder flow simple with quick fingertip adjustments.

Maintenance of the NSK Perio-Mate is also a simple matter with the nozzle, handpiece and powder chamber all able to be easily dismantled for cleaning and sterilisation.

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